Next meeting - Oct 17th 2017 @ 7:00 @ Pizza Man Restaurant in Eagle River

Check here to see when and where.
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Next meeting - Oct 17th 2017 @ 7:00 @ Pizza Man Restaurant in Eagle River

Postby Jeff Carlisle » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:36 pm

Our next meeting October 17th 7:00 PM at Pizza Man Restaurant in Eagle River. Map

In reserving a meeting room, the folks at Pizzaman said it is best to pre-order your food as their busy time is generally 5 to 8 PM. During Pizza Man's busy time, it's not uncommon for a pizza pie to take an hour. With that in mind, call Pizza Man anytime on Monday or early on Tuesday. Let them know you are with AACVW Club, and that you would like to preorder a meal to be ready at 7:00 PM, Tuesday the 17th. Pizza Man's number is 907-694-3777.

Also, please remember that at this month's meeting we'll be trying a new game called "Stump the Club". Get creative, do some research, and bring your best three VW trivia questions, maybe you can stump the club!

Finally, many thanks to the folks that showed off their favorite VW literature at September's meeting. It's always interesting to see the vintage VW literature.

We'll keep thinking of other fun show-and-tell type activities and games for the club meetings. If you happen to have a fun idea for a game or activity, please let us know - we're all about the fun!

That's the news for now.

Cheers, and happy Vee-Dubbing,

President, AACVW Club

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