Show Invitation From John Troutner

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Show Invitation From John Troutner

Postby craigsandrx7 » Wed May 09, 2012 8:51 am


OK folks the cat is out of the bag, I just sent this invite out to every car club in Alaska, so help & push it, we have lots of time to do it right, John T. 745-2652

Please help spread the invite to everybody. Thank you John T. 745-2652

Suz & I went into Anchorage on March 26 to look over the North-way Mall,. It has very noticeably changed, cleaned up, & all around up graded, They have uniformed & non-uniformed security. The inebriates that used to be so obvious were nowhere in sight, the trash has been cleared out of the parking lot. We will be coordinating an inside car-show within the North-way Mall September Friday - the 14th . . . . Saturday -the 15th . . . . & Sunday -the 16th. For those who can remember back to the cottonwood creek mall inside car shows of Yester - Year, they were a blast ! ! Car exhibitors will not pay a fee to enter, ALL cars entered will be FREE. We will have plenty of show stanchions & rope barriers to protect the cars parked up & down the isle ways Plus Management will have an extra heavy security presence for those three days. We envision a dozen or so cars, as "EYE CANDY" attention grabbers setting up & down the isle ways. We have a secured, (locked up), 15,000 square foot room, ( that's 1/3 of an acre), where we will have an additional 50 to 60 cars set up for show. If the members of the public want to come in & view these cars in the secured area they will pay $4.00, (under 12 with parent free), the folks paying to go into the secured area will receive a free Burger, or dog & a soda,(we will not be selling any food, just giving it away), Our BBQ will be parked behind the 15,000 square room out of sight so as not to create any issues with local vendors),. The funds generated will be used to defray our annual operating costs, any overage will be donated to the Fisher House Alaska on JBER,. We would be honored if any of the folks from our fellow car associations would COMMIT to putting their rides inside with us. This is the week-end after the Freedom Flag Run. We will be moving in September 14th, Friday evening & hope to be able to present a short matinee, maybe from 7pm to 9:00pm: On Saturday the 15th we will run from 10:00am til 9:00pm, & Sunday we will run from 10:00am til 4:00pm, awards/trophies, will be from 4:00pm til 5:00pm, please feel free to give potential exhibitors our phone number 745-2652 - - - & our "E" Mail address or

John Troutner 49th State StreetRodders 745-2652

49th State Street Rodders Assoc., Inc.

Craig in Wasilla

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